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Dec 29, 2014


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2014 part one

van der graaf generator - an epidemic of father christmases (excerpt peel session 29.12.1971)
the dirty nil - nicotine
pinebocks - magic words
psychedelic monk - I am running at the speed of light
nathan ventura and the buttercups - bodies in my life
cleavers - who will eat my pizza crusts when you're gone?
protomartyr - pagans
sleaford mods - tweet tweet tweet
marianne dissard - election
marthas & arthurs - backwards blackberries
crywank - just a snail
mystic braves - coyote blues
jon byrer - m cat
triune gods - enpitsu satsuriku
incendiare - aberrant ghost
freya josephine - beauty and sorrow
john bradley - take my leave
captain beefheart - dropout boogie
matt christensen - dumb god
reighnbeau - he
sysster - shadow
trixie's big red motorbike - that's the end of that (peel session 25.08.83 repeat 29.12.1983)

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