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Oct 20, 2014


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urusei yatsura - teen dream (peel show 20.10.1995)
derbe lebowski - mankind=germs
loop - arc-lite (House In The Woods Session A.G.E. Demos)
joujou jaguar - beginning
mccarthy - I worked myself up from nothing
weed hounds - heather w
100 flowers - triage
zooanzoo - dawl
friend or foe - the chosen
captain beefheart - the blimp (mousetrap replica)
porraloka - intelidioctual
girlsnames - gina guillotina
big daddy kane - set it off
45 king - get funky
bob bucko jr - st elmo's fire
the cravats - triplex zone
mr floppy - big death
girlsnames - left behind
napalm death - the chains that bind us
zaiko langa langa - songa fiele
samuel boat - lesson learned
pkrk - la révolte électrique (1990)
les têtes raides - journal (1990)
dead moon - running scared
girlsnames - hammerhead
walkingseeds - world's ok
the lizard train - the step inside
nectarine nr 9 - this arsehole's been burned too many times before (peel show 20.10.1995)

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