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Aug 18, 2014


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henry cow - beautiful as the moon - terrible as an army with banners(excrpt peel session 18.08.1975)
john lennon/plastic ono band - love
nico - nibelungen
dies irae - tired
brainticket - brainticket (excerpt)
mothers of invention - trouble everyday
poison girls - reality attack
captain beefheart - gimme dat harp boy
jacques higelin - aujourd'hui la crise (1976)
glaxo babies - this is your life
melaine favennec - la mort m'assaille (1976)
verto - et terre (1976)
albert marcoeur - le fugitif (1976)
znr - solo un dia (1976)
patrick vian - bad blue (1976)
théâtre du chêne noir - le train
billie holiday - we'll be together again (18.08.1956)
hugh hopper - minipax II
comus - bitten
alcatraz - where the wild things are
the fall - beatle bones 'n' smokin' stones (18.08.1996)
spoken words taken from "taxi driver" by martin scorsese

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