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Jul 7, 2014


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tar - walking the king (peel session 07.07.1991)
the recoys - shake off your nerve
steve wynn - sustain
the auteurs - glad to be gone
the yummy fur - vacuum cleaner
jim jiminee - you pulled a string in my heart
les fantômes - le diable en personne (1962)
thin white rope - come around
six finger satellite - dark companion
fixed up - have you ever felt the creeping fear
dub syndicate - '93 struggle
stereolab & nurse with wound - the dadda's intoxication
sly & robbie - into battle
dread & fred - warrior stance
diamanda galas - you must be certain of the devil
peter brotzmann & laswell - death rattle
ronnie isle - wicked (07.07.1958)
heatmiser - dead air
stump - big end (peel session 07.07.1986)
spoken words taken from "cape fear" by jack lee thompson

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