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May 5, 2014


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blue orchids - a year with no head (peel session 05.05.1982)
the pop group - words disobey me
philippe doray/asociaUx associés - que dit le chef ?
brian - I don't want to go to the hospital
factums - pass the innocence
ghedalia tazartes - quatorze
half japanese - no direct line from my brain
the cairo gang - now you are one of us
boulez - fantasque - modéré (notations excerpt - wiener jeunesse chor)
boulez - très vif (notations - wiener jeunesse chor)
non - out out out
andrew douglas rothbard - abandoned meander
applebim - fear (excerpt)
CMOS killers - tracert
bo diddley - congo
tino rossi - destin (1946)
many mansions - oneness
david toop - black chamber
daniel johnston - hoping
lucienne vernay - c'est loin tout ça (1946)
richard youngs - sweet field of life
anne gillis - untitled 7
sanguine clock - abandoned voices
centenaire - take me home
mahalia jackson - I'm going down the river (05.05.1953)
monograph - finding new rest for the ghost (peel session 05.05.1999)
spoken words taken from "bedlam" by mark robson

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