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Apr 23, 2014


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submarine - fading (peel session 23.04.1993)
andrew liles - olisbos (excerpt)
current 93 - imperium I (excerpt)
kammerflimmer kollektief - lichterloh
500mg - stray thoughts on death and satan
circle - cornelia (excerpt)
column one - reichlich sonderbar
andrew liles - tinderbox
leo marjane - l'âme au diable (1943)
tony wakeford & steven stapleton - our lady of wild flowers
durutti column - jacqueline
skull defekts - six six for eyes (excerpt)
der blutharsch - time is thee enemy track VIII
runhild gammelsaeter - collapse -lifting the veil
nila cara - je vous déteste les hommes (1943)
nurse with wound - thrill of romance (burgo partridge mix)
annette lajon - les fleurs sont des mots d'amour (23.04.1942)
der blutharsch - time is thee enemy track II
la stpo - thousand days
andrew liles - phosphorescent tree
bernard parmegiani - deuxième série points contre champs (excerpt)
blithe sons - the wheel nearly at rest (excerpt)
natural snow buildings - willy brown
wolfmangler - star winds (excerpt)
the long dead sevens - the blue waltz (excerpts)
current 93 - the birds have stopped singing
twine - something like eternity
the field mice - by degrees (peel session 23.04.1990)
spoken words taken from "the seventh victim" by mark robson

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