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Apr 18, 2014


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travis cut - protests and politics (peel session 18.04.2002)
protomartyr - want remover
circulo polar artico - el desierto
johnny hess - ils sont zazous (1942)
days n' daze - tarnished ol' photograph
irene de trebert - je t'aime (1942)
martha mears - I've got you (for veronica lake in 'this gun for hire')
athuzela brown - (I See Myself In Everyone I Know)
rob jacobs - unknown hand
vulpix - hypnoking
john bradley - solitary man
so stressed - molly
olive drab - fall (for you)
disney sixteen - everything from above
splendidid - narc
onyx kers spel - trees up until the sky
white birds - woman
johnny halliday - laisse les filles (18.04.1960 "A l'ecole des vedettes")
cousins - brother's books (to my beloved little sister)
pups - rooms on fire
marthas & arthurs - the agency
homeless gospel choir - you can be free
bellows - lost in space
eddie cochran - three steps to heaven
come - dead molly (peel session 18.04.1992)
spoken words taken from "this gun for hire" by frank tuttle

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