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Jan 24, 2014


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capital letters - smokin' my ganja (peel session 24.01.79)
hector zazou - faim
she keeps bees - bones are tired
lydia lunch - dance of the dead children
patrick sciortino - l'eau dela
emily grantham - liquid drainer
kites - glitter raider in the hall of triumph
bérard - le train fatal (1920)
woodentops - it will come
algorhythms - interlude
elektrograd - all wiard jingle
valerie project - the feast
saddleback - hanging at picnic rock
jandek - away
the vulgar boatmen - decision by the airport
hector pellerin - c'est le marchand d'étoiles (1921)
the battle of land and sea - birdsong
night canopy - like a ghost wave
marianne dissard - heureusement sans heurt
the yum dee days - everybody knows but nobody cares
michel cloup (duo) - avant la fin
larry wish - dreaming of babylons
glass torpedoes (peel session 24.01.80)
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