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Nov 22, 2013


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pulp - turkey mambo momma (peel session 18.11.81)
juan matus - algo
yvon gerault - fallen dancer
arbouretum - two moons
misty in roots - judgement coming on the land
laughing clowns - fire might fall
lizzy mercier descloux - fire
smiths - barbarism begins at home
stooges - no fun
kaos, kris och helvete - klass III varning
rose rose - nothing more
vlor - watch me bleed
emil zrihan - maka shelishit
tindersticks - talk to me
sic alps - be a song
les rallizes denudes - kioku ha toi
sir collins and russ painter - they shall not die
psalters - flood me, burn me
birthday party - sonny's burning (peel session 22.11.82)

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