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Mar 25, 2013


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s. kubrick - the shining (excerpts)
modern english - black houses (peel session 25.11.80)
gran - ordinary
la boite diabolique - use your space
ortrotasce grey space
clair obscur - it'll be allright|gilles berquet
s. kubrick - the shining (excerpt)
hanny - carried away en masse
silly bed - bloodline
sarongs - hotel california
castratii - the hanging
jamaican queens - caitlin
s. kubrick - the shining (excerpts)
roberta bondar - night danger
the gifted children - your mythologies
roger doyle - the thousand year old boy (excerpt)
the observatory - anger & futility
aunt ange - king of the damned
s. kubrick - the shining (excerpt)
brothers in law - childhood
robert stillman - part III:stomp
crystal soda cream - shades
T H I N H Y M N S - all around you
glen porter - kiss the pretty ones goodbye
s. kubrick - the shining (excerpt)
fatti frances - you're dead
the liggers - dreams die first (peel session 20.10.80)
s. kubrick - the shining (excerpt)

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