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Jan 7, 2013

photo zb

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current 93 - st peter keys all bloody (excerpt)
go violets - teenager
erazerhead - teenager in love (peel session 20.07.82)
the ataris - the radio still sucks
elm - pour your guts down a cliff
xno bbqx - untitled 10
thinguma*jigsaw - one night soon (feat. niall santo)
jack hardy - locked up in feelings
dav. lynch, lost highway v.f (excerpt)
snailhead - survival of the suspicious
j.l. godard, a. karina alphaville v.f (excerpt)
cloud one, atmosphere strut (excerpt)
expo 70, the gathering (excerpt)
billy bao, my life is shit (excerpt)
ruben juarez - cambalache
sat. nite duets - bad charades
guai li - flight of delusion
birdstriking - monkey snake
dav. lynch, lost highway v.f (excerpt)
o. preminger, un si doux visage v.f (excerpts)
doolittle and the raiders - once you want me
little jungles - please put the knife away
skin, flesh & bones - baby face dub
evan caminiti - absteigend
k^ren - dichotomy (excerpt)
pete um - time
dav. lynch, lost highway v.f (excerpt)
palisades - unfriendly & unapologetic
g. lucas, thx 1138 v.f (excerpt)
knifight - fell in love (with a cyborg)
dizzy reece - story of love (excerpt)
the fall - what about us (peel session 12.08.04)
the miami - I'll go where you want me to go
sam sacks - hi lilli (excerpt)
beru - sing over me
dav. lynch, lost highway v.f (excerpts)

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