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Sep 17, 2012

photo zb

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asphalt jungle - deconnection (excerpt)
dum dum girls - put a sock in it
genevieve pasquier - good girl bad
diane rogerson & andrew liles - can I tempt you with all this
yma sumac - xtabay (excerpt)
sic alps - speeds
jay reatard - no time (excerpt)
jay reatard - d.o.a
count vertigo - I'm a mutant
iran - radio galaxies
simon wickham smith & richard youngs - 2003
eat skull - survivable spaces
all the saints - farmacia
act - ping pong
valet - tame all the lions
stellar om source - copper dream
tu m' - wake up wake up
micoland & holly bretton - expect it to go
mayyors - fatigure
j. tourneur, la féline (excerpt)

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