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Jun 11, 2012

photo zb

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THX 1138 (excerpt)
three cats - cleared (excerpt)
le village des damnés (excerpt)
rosemary clooney, perez prado - magic is the moonlight (excerpt)
the fugs - frenzy
heatmiser - dead air
steve hauschildt - blue marlin (excerpt)
comedian harmonists - an der schonen blauen donau (excerpt)
outsiders - freeway
acre - badlands (excerpt)
jean seberg - a bout de souffle (excerpt)
anna karina - alphaville (excerpt)
ectoplasm girls - I is the heart (excerpt)
nicolas einhorn - don't you may be the essential interview (excerpt)
alif tree - belle
rumspringa - minds awake (excerpt)
hefner - when angels play their drum machines
alton and new establishment - abc (excerpt)
anna karina - alphaville (excerpt)
gene vincent - important words (excerpt)
ruth - mots (excerpt)
police des moeurs - monde fallacieux
pariah - prism (excerpt)
the fall - return (peel session)
the bird is the word (excerpt)
anna stclair - les corbeaux (excerpt)
rollin - la fiancée de dracula (excerpt)
andy stott - peace of mind (excerpt)
dave bixby - peace
anchiskhati choir - a mercy of peace
johnny burnette - good good feelin'
smiths - this charming man
rockers hi fi - going under (love & insanity dub session excerpt)
silvia - zuerst ich
htrk - your mistress turns to dust (excerpt)
moose - mondo cane (excerpt)
john cale - fear (peel session 1975)
billy bao - my life is shit (excerpt)
the creation - life is just beginning
orchestra - saturday 3pm
bernard fresson - le futur aux trousses (excerpt)
this heat - health and efficiency
non - ultimatum
skip bifferty - follow the path of the stars
la jetée (excerpt)

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