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Jun 5, 2012

photo zb

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j. rollin - la fiancee de dracula (excerpt)
eddie cochran - rock and roll blues
eraldo bernocchi, bill laswell - cleared (excerpt)
kristin hersh - cathedral heat
boris vian - l'écume des jours dit par yves robert (excerpt)
la reverdie - ar bleizi mor
kawaii - jam fever (excerpt)
rollin - les raisins de la mort (excerpt)
jazkamer - abomination
antic clay - thousand star hotel (excerpt)
nurse with wound - shattering man falling (excerpt)
parker and lily - what's an oubliette?
paula frazer - stay as you are
paper jones - tiago la (excerpt)
vic chesnutt - we hovered with short wings (excerpt)
paul roland - I can't control myself
joe tex - you little baby-faced thing
vybz cartel - life is sweet (excerpt)
crazy cavan - got a date with sally
casey jones & the governors - bumble bee
peter coyle - blood
m bryo and somnambulist - xoktyabrina (excerpt)
psalters - momamic (excerpt)
aaron dilloway - amputation (excerpt)
cicciolina holocaust - silent killing (excerpt)
elvis presley - just because (excerpt)
serge gainsbourg - overseas telegram (excerpt)
hopper/kramer - she's everything, mr g. (excerpt)
carnabeats - crazy love (excerpt)
damin eih, a.l.k & brother clark - return naked (excerpt)
radio myanmar - harmony time
silver apples - I have known love
kashmere stage band - getting it out of my system (excerpt)
desmond williams - oxygen (excerpt)
blessure grave - stop breathing
rene hell - razor p+ (excerpt)
the fall - c.r.e.e.p (peel session)
hanna hirsch - stralande död
rosemary clooney, perez prado - sway (excerpts)
bark psychosis - murder city (excerpt)
annie anxiety - to know evil (excerpt)
pablo picasso - don't be cruel
j. rollin - les raisins de la mort (excerpt)
the residents - kill him
the moodists - gone dead
electro hippies - mega armaggedon death
jean rollin - death brigitte (excerpt)
belborn - the first 80 seconds after death

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