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Oct 15, 2014


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the primitives - stop killing me (peel session 15.10.1986)
the forty fives - come on now love me (15.10.2003)
the teardrop explodes - ha ha I'm drowning (15.10.1979)
les thugs - birthday (why didn't you come for my) (1989)
2 live crew - fraternity record
3rd bass - sons of 3rd bass
pain teens - geraldo 666
les shtauss - bang bang boom (1989)
abana ba nasery - mushalo ebutula
dominic sonic - shadows in the fire (1989)
camping in alaska - yoga
the new flesh - this crushing weight
bronto skylift - bird catcher/eater
geronimo! - bungled and botched
jimi hendrix experience - the burning of the midnight lamp (top gear 15.10.1967)
captain beefheart - the floppy boot stomp
dread & fred - high priest
daniel owino misiani and shirati band - honourable horace owiti ongili
yalls - safe soundsz
friend or foe - curfew
rebby sharp - these venetians eyes
orouni - kalimbalism
14 iced bears - world I love
blessed feathers - wide world
band of susans - which dream came true
(sequence 10 ans/10 years)
earl bostic - let's ball tonight part 2
jean le fennec - mes enfants d'autre part
count vertigo - I'm a mutant
geza x and the mommymen - rio grande hotel
mincemeat or ten speed - super space traveler
al and doc - this train
(fin sequence/end 10)
the old one two - invincible
biff bang pow! - I'm still waiting for my time
explosions in the sky - memorial (peel session 15.10.2002)
spoken words taken from "last exit to brooklyn" by uli edel

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